Sponsoring the events

This meetup is offered for free to all the Open Source maintainers who want to participate - but, to do so, we could use some help from companies active in this space to ensure that the event is successful 🎩

We want to have one or at max two sponsors per event.

Sponsoring levels

Sponsorship can be done at two levels:

😎”NICE” level

To be a NICE sponsor, you’d have to provide either one of the elements described in the cost breakdown below.

Being a nice sponsor will allow you / your company to have:

🤩 “VERY NICE” level

To be a VERY NICE sponsor, you’d have to provide both elements described in the cost breakdown below, or something equivalent (surprise us!).

For being a VERY NICE sponsor, you obtain (on top of everything that NICE sponsors get) the possibility to do a lighting talk to let the participants know how you are involved in Open Source, and why you are awesome!

Breakdown of costs 💵

Each event will likely have between 20 → 50 participants, and it will need:

A) An event space

An event space capable of containing that number of people, with around a couple spaces so that groups can split and have focused discussions → average/potential cost: £500 / £1000

B) Food and refreshments

Something to eat in general - that can accommodate different dietary requirements (ex. vegan) - plus drinks, both alcoholic and non. → average/potential cost: £300 / £750