What is it? 🤔

PROVIDED AS IS is a safe space for Open Source maintainers to come together, meet, learn and discuss. The meetup runs quarterly in London, UK, with the support of Formidable and our other generous sponsors.

Working with Open Source requires a set of skills beyond “just coding” that people often find challenging. No matter how small or large the community around your open source project, the role of a maintainer can feel isolated, as maintainers rarely get to meet in person.

This gathering gives an opportunity to people to connect with each other, and share struggles, experiences and strategies. This event is intended for people who help maintain open source projects, whether it’s via code, documentation, design, issue triage, community management, or any other form of support.

Cool! What’s the format? ✍️

Our format was inspired by, and based upon, Maintainerati events. To facilitate sharing of ideas without additional burden of having to prepare content, we will only have one lighting talk per event, and dedicate most of the time to group discussions 👐

Participants can propose topics of conversation using the dedicated issue per event. At the event, we will follow the Open Space Technology approach, paired with the Chatham House Rule.

This is not meant to be large scale event. We aim to have no more than 40-50 people showing up per event. There will be food & drinks.

Less frequently, once or twice a year, we will also organise social events, which could span from pub night to a dinner, to provide this community a more relaxed environment to spend time together (compared to the more serious/standard events) 🥂

How do I participate? 🙌

Simple - register for the event via the dedicated Eventbrite page! It is necessary in order to provide tickets to all the participants.

We will ensure a dedicated number of tickets for underrepresented groups in the dev community - you will be able to apply for them via the Eventbrite page.

How can I help? 🤗

Great question! We have created a dedicated section if you are interested in sponsoring.

Who is behind this? 🧐

Your friendly neighborhood Formidable team, in collaboration with the awesome team at the Maintainerati Foundation.

Are you going to do this event in [my city]?

No, not for the foreseeable future - we are aiming to create a local community. But if you like this format idea, feel free to fork this repo and organise your own local “Provided As Is” meetup 🤗

And let us know, we’d love to hear what your experience is!

🚧We are still finalizing a few things, check out this issue for details 🚧